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Since opening our doors to Hialeah in early 2019, La Rampa has garnered rave reviews for being the number one place to sample Cuban cuisine. Looking for a dinner spot with delicious meals and a cozy vibe? Give us a try!

An Exquisite Culinary Experience

For a relatively small and isolated country, Cuba has a rich culinary history that is influenced by Europe, Africa, China and the local indigenous people. Aside from relying heavily on fresh vegetables and a fair amount of spices, one of the most important distinctions of Cuban cuisine is the slow-roasted meat that’s cooked until it’s so tender, it’s falling of the bone.

Here at La Rampa, we’re committed to carrying all the culinary traditions into the meals we serve. Our portions are not only very generous, they are also extremely affordable. Try our many dinner options, from Cuban pizza to Boliche and more!

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Delicious Cuban Desserts

Is any meal really complete without dessert? Cuba, like most other Caribbean islands, offers up a vast array of delicious treats, starting with the famous Flan Cubano – a magical baked custard that comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate, coconut or citrus.

Or how about a cappuccino? No, we’re not talking about milky coffee, though we have that too. In Cuba, a cappuccino is a little cone-shaped cake that gets the name from Capuchin monk capes.

Of course, if you’re looking for an after-dinner beverage, La Rampa has an extensive range of rums, cocktails and coffees to wash down your meals. Book a table with us today!

Plenty of options for your sweet tooth


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Satisfaction that will leave you begging for more

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